Sabong Casino: Understanding the Game Rules

Sabong, commonly known as cockfighting, is a thrilling and culturally rich sport that has transitioned into the online gaming world. This article will walk you through the basic rules of Sabong, ensuring you understand how the game is played. Finally, we’ll recommend Panalo Bet, a platform where you can enjoy Sabong and other exciting games from the comfort of your home.

Basic Rules of Sabong

The Roosters

In Sabong, two roosters, often referred to as “gamecocks,” are pitted against each other in a fight. These roosters are specially bred and trained for their agility, strength, and fighting spirit. Each rooster represents a different participant or bettor in the game.

The Arena

The fight takes place in a circular arena, known as a cockpit. The arena is designed to give both roosters an equal opportunity to showcase their fighting skills.


Betting is a crucial part of Sabong. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Setting the Stakes: Before the fight begins, bets are placed on which rooster will win. Participants can bet varying amounts, and the total pot is collected from all bets.
  2. Types of Bets: The main bet is on the outright winner of the match. However, some variations may include side bets on specific outcomes or events during the fight.

The Fight

  1. Release: The handlers release the roosters into the arena. The fight starts when both roosters engage.
  2. Duration: A typical fight lasts several minutes, but it can vary depending on the endurance and skill of the roosters.
  3. Outcome: The fight continues until one rooster is unable to continue, surrenders, or is deemed the loser by the referee. The winner is the last rooster standing or the one that shows dominance.

Winning and Payouts

The winning bets are determined by the outcome of the fight. Participants who bet on the victorious rooster receive their winnings based on the odds and the total pot collected. The payouts are distributed accordingly, with a portion often taken by the house or the organizers as a fee.

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